Marpa Buddhist Centre Forster Tuncurry

Based in Forster Tuncurry, The Marpa Buddhist Centre was first established following courses run through the  “Adult Education”. The first one was in March 1997. The teacher, Scott Probst, was a Manning resident who had returned to the area after some time away studying to be a psychologist and working overseas and in Australia. Scott has since left the area but returns periodically.

Since 1997, Lama Choedak has affiliated with the centre.  Damchoe Dogu Ling is the group under the Marpa centre that is directly aligned with or under Lama Choedak.  We invite Rinpoche on an annual basis for teachings. (see link).

The Marpa Centre is a non sectarian and encourages the teachings of the Buddha to be available in Forster Tuncurry through study and mediation support meetings.  We invite a range of teachers to encourage people to explore the teachings and discover lasting happiness.

Visiting Teachers
Over the years the centre has sponsored teachers from the different schools of Buddhism including:

  • Kechok Rinpoche
  • Traleg Rinpoche
  • Gerard Allen
  • Lama Choedak Rinpoche
  • Khenpo Dhamchoe
  • Tin and Ian
  • Lama Rigzin
  • Scott Probst
  • HE. Zimwock Rinpoche

“Holding the rope of mindfulness and the hook of alertness, may I resolve to tame this mind which is like a wild elephant. Steadily focusing the mind with moderate application of antidotes, may I discover what causes its restlessness.”
Lama Choedak Rinpoche