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Life of Buddha Shakyamuni

Among the many great religions of the world, Buddhism is a highly respected religion of reason and meditation. It has been considered by many of history’s greatest minds to be the widest and most powerful field of human thought. In order to understand Buddhism one must gather reliable information about the teacher who taught the path. Lord Buddha, the originator of the sublime teachings, the basis of all happiness and peace is not to be understood as a jolly and corpulent man. This is a popular misconception. ‘Buddha” is Sanskrit for one who is “fully enlightened” about the nature and meaning of life and all existent phenomena. In fact, it is not an ordinary name of a person, but a title designated for one who has reached the highest state of enlightenment.

The practice of Calm Abiding Meditation

From the book Healing Relationships by Lama Choedak Rinpoche

We all have an instinct to be calm and have calm. There is never a time when we do not wish to be calm. Calmness is in our nature; it is in the hearts and minds of every one of us.

However, calmness should not be confused with inaction. We can only cultivate calmness through understanding the causes of agitation and making a deliberate act to transform our agitation into a calmer state of mind. Calm abiding is the safest way of being; it is in fact active peace.

Forgiveness – A prayer for change

From the book Healing Relationships by Lama Choedak Rinpoche

Today I will release all unhappy experiences from my past and free everyone connected with those experiences. The hurt, pain and suffering I and others have experienced are due to the unfortunate circumstances we have contributed to because of our own ignorance, disrespectfulness, carelessness and excessive defilements. Knowing that everyone acts under the influence of delusion I now realise that no one has intentionally caused any of the harm I have experienced. I have long been exacerbating my suffering by holding on to my own distorted perceptions as the truth.

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